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Space for ideas and start-ups

Even today, Dessau-Rosslau offers plenty of space for ideas to develop. The technology and start-up centre Dessau-Rosslau and the “women innovation point (WIP)” specifically developed for female entrepreneurs as well as accompanying measures in the process of setting up a business provide the best possible conditions for start-ups and to carry out new business ideas.

TGZ Dessau-Rosslau is part of the Anhalt Innovation and Research Centre and offers young entrepreneurs and people setting up businesses functionally designed rooms at affordable prices in order for them to develop everything from the initial product concept to market entrance, in cooperation with the Anhalt University and other founders if they wish. The main focus is placed on the areas of construction and technology-oriented processes, although all business ideas from other sectors are also very welcome in Dessau-Rosslau.

The Bauhaus festival offers excellent opportunities for experiments in art and design within the city, on the University campus and in the Bauhaus building itself. This event profile is unique among national festivals and was brought about by the creative cooperation between the Bauhaus architects and students from design academies, cultural institutes of the city of Dessau-Rosslau and renowned national and international artists. The initiative “The city as a campus” and the “VorOrt-Prozess” make it increasingly possible for student-led design ideas to be integrated into the life and development of the city in order to further enhance Dessau-Rosslau as a place in which potential students and new citizens will love to come and live.

Industrial tradition and innovative culture

As the cradle of modern aviation and the site of the world-famous Junkers-Werke factory, Dessau-Rosslau has a tradition of innovation. In 1855 Hans Viktor von Unruh and Wilhelm Oechelhaeuser founded the “Deutsche Continental-Gas-Gesellschaft” company, the predecessor of all modern energy suppliers and the birthplace of the famous Dessau railway wagon construction.

However, nobody had such an impact on the history of industry as Prof. Hugo Junkers. In addition to the first fully-metal aircraft in the world he developed opposed piston engines, gas-fired bathroom boilers and water heaters as well as measurement and analytical tools without which our modern lives can barely be imagined. In the Junkers Museum for Technology these earth-shaking innovations can still be admired today. At the same time this collection offers an unparalleled backdrop for any corporate event.

In 1844 the Sachsenberg brothers founded the machine works in Rosslau which by the turn of the century had grown to be the largest inland shipyard in Europe. Its tradition and business operation still continues today under the RÖNNER company group.

Architects, graphic Designers, craftsmen, textil Designers and theatre directors: all of them came together at the Dessau Bauhaus in the 1920s in order to forge a new world. In doing so they followed the principle that all learning, experimenting, inventing and working should be undertaken communally. To this day, the Bauhaus understands itself as a place for young, creative people and scientists. Various educational formats deal with questions in design, architecture, urban living, climate and art.

The internationally active company BioPharmaPark in Dessau which is currently researching highly-effective vaccinations (i.e. against rabies and malaria) and cancer medication goes back to its ancestor the Bacteriological Institute, which was founded in 1922. These are just some examples for the many innovations which have changed the world and that started here in Dessau-Rosslau – forming the basis of its unique industrial culture.

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Setting up a company

Your direct contact person in the office for business development of Dessau-Rosslau on the accompanying measures when setting up a company is:

Anna-Katharina Gruner 
+49 340 204 22 80

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